The Do’s and Don’ts of Rubbish Removal Lincoln

rubbish removal lincolnWe all have rubbish or items  that we want moving out of the way, but how should we go about it? With concern about the planet and the waste building up, it is only right and responsible to follow the government guidelines. It doesn’t have to be a stressful procedure! Just follow our do’s and dont’s of rubbish removal lincoln to be more environment aware and efficient with your rubbish removal.


  • First and foremost use a registered waste carrier! These companies are in the know, and will responsibly remove your waste/rubbish. Not only will they do all the hard work, but they will do it right!
  • Find out their waste carrier number – you can check this at the Environment Agency.  It is important they have this, as then you know they are a legitimate company, working within government guidelines. Registering for a waste carrier licence is very easy, so for a carrier not to have one could imply that they are cowboys, and will most likely clear the waste illegally.
  • Get recommendations, or ask around for a reliable, local company.



  • Use a waste carrier without validating their details first.
  • Don’t put (or hide!) hazardous waste in a normal rubbish bin. Details on how to manage this waste can be found on the NetRegs and DEFRA websites.
  • It is best if hazardous waste is dealt with by someone with the necessary  licence and experience.


  • Fly tip your own rubbish or anyone elses. This is a criminal offence! There is a fine of up to £50,000 and/or 12 months in prison. People may come across as genuine, but if they fly tip, and the rubbish is traced back to you, you will be the one with the criminal record! With qualified waste carriers in your area, there really is no need to take the risk.




How to scrap my car in Lincoln

So, your car has had its day and you’re thinking “it’s time to go to the scrapyard and scrap my car”. But do you know how to do it? There are some guidelines to follow. But don’t worry! It’s a very simple procedure.

Scrapping your car

Scrapping your car is pretty easy. Due to new guidelines, you no longer have to pay to get rid of it. Plus you should get some money back due to the increase in the value of scrap metal. Furthermore, scrapping your car is good for the environment, as parts are usually recycled afterwards.

For this to happen you need to take your car to a scrapyard, or an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) licensed by the Environment Agency. Please make sure that they’re licensed, because it’s illegal to take your car anywhere else.

Also make sure you let the DVLA know if you’ve scrapped your car. Because if you forget, you could be hit with a £1000 fine!

What paperwork do you need?

The vehicle logbook (V5C) – you won’t be able to scrap your car without this. Not only does it prove the car belongs to you, but it also stops any unauthorised sales. It is important to remember to keep the yellow slip from it (V5C/3).  You must also make sure you get a receipt from the ATF.

You should receive a Certificate of Destruction (CoD), by post or email, within a week. This is a vital piece of paperwork as it proves to the DVLA that you’ve had the car recycled, and that you have no future responsibility for it.

How much will I get when I scrap my car?

Of course you will have the scrap value, however there are other options open to you to get more cash for it. You could sell some of the car parts before taking your car to the scrapyard. Some people find this brings in more money.

However, the easiest option for scrapping your car is to call us at Lincoln Waste Management on 01522 686787 or 07825 788036. Or email us at  We do all the hard work for you. We offer free collection too!

You can check our licences here

Don’t forget to cancel your car insurance policy as soon as you have scrapped your vehicle. You never know, you might get a refund on any unused cover!

If you have bought your car tax in advance, then you will be able to claim any full months unused tax.